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Please read our F.A.Q. carefully before emailing us.
If your question isn't here you may email us though!

Q: When will you open for fursuits?
a: I will always announce when I will open for fursuits. Currently, I am CLOSED for fursuit commissions.

Q: How much do your fursuits cost?
a: Each design will have a different price. Check out ''PRICES'' tab to see our base price!


Q: How much is it in USD?

Please check this website to convert the prices in your currency: , or google '' x Euro's to USD.'' It might differ abit, but not that much.

Q: Are you open for quotes?
a: Right now I am not.

Q: How will you know my sizes?
a: Each customer is required to sent me a DuctTapeDummy. 

Q: What material do you use for feetpaws?
a: Depends! For indoor paws they will be mostly made out of polyfill, outdoor with foam.

Q: Do you sell custom feetpaw sandals?
a: When you buy a set of indoor feetpaws I can include them!

Q: I am underage. Will you sell me a fursuit?
a: No. For 2 reasons. 1, you are too young, 2 you will probably outgrow your suit. When you are over 18 feel free to hit me up about a commission though!

Q: Do you take private/mature commissions?
a: Yes, but please ask me first so I can modify your quote!

Q: Can I get a free/discounted/trade fursuit?

a: No. Sorry, I don't do free, discounted, or trades for any of my fursuit commissions. Building one takes time and effort, and the bills don't pay for themselves!

Still don't have the answer you came here for?
​Shoot us an email! (you can do so over at the ''contact'' page.

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